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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bindeybook?

Bindeybook is a product that allows your child to write, draw, color, scribble - anything they desire - into blank book pages, and end up with a hardbound book you can treasure for a lifetime. Once they finish creating, just send us the completed pages, cover, and bookmark through the mail, and we'll send it back as a professionally hardbound book. And there are no extra costs or hidden fees!

What is the process?

After you purchase a Bindeybook kit, we mail you a packet containing blank book pages for your child to draw in. A page with a template is included to create the cover page of the actual book. All your child has to do is draw inside the red borders. There is also a bookmark inside the packet that they can draw or write on, that we make into a real laminated bookmark! Place the pages, cover template, and bookmark inside the included envelope and mail it back to us. You should get it back within 8-10 business days. If you ever need new kits or additional copies of your book, just fill out our handy reorder form.

What is included in the packet?

What do we do with the book and template?

Anything you want! Let your child use their imagination and be creative. Some people use their book as a journal, art gallery, or diary. Children love to learn, so Bindeybook is great for classroom and Sunday school projects. BindeyBook's uses are endless. No glue or glitter is allowed, though.

Can I reorder my child's book once it is bound?

Yes! You can either use the order form we send back with your finished book, or call us if you need another form. We are always happy to assist you! We will store a digital copy of your child's book (for up to 18 months) for this exact purpose.

Can I order by phone?

Yes! We'd love to talk to you. Please call us at (205) 408-1198.

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